Where He Started His Painting Career

Pirate Vereker is a graphic designer and painter, specializing in acrylic, oil, and mixed media painting.

His style is very illustrative. His paintings are based from particular thoughts that focus on colorful as well as inky messes.

He started painting at a young age then moved to San Francisco where he started making a buzz in the world of painting.

The inspiration he has had is based from old cartoons that he liked to watch when he was a kid.

While growing up, he also became a fan of reading comic books and looking at various tattoo arts.

Now, Pirate Vereker is inspiring a lot of people from his imaginative paintings across the United States.

But before he was known as he is today, he joined RAW, an organization that showcases emerging talent in arts, fashion, music, film, photography, performing arts, hair, as well as makeup across the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Services offered by RAWartist-packet.psd

If you want to become an artist, just like Pirate Vereker, the only thing you need is to submit your works and become a raw artist.

All you need is to sign up as well as get the assistance you need to thrive in the tight market of artistry.

RAW provides emerging artists with adequate tools, resources, exposure, as well as education for success.

The organization also provides information about the artist’s upcoming events, gigs, and features.

Celebration of creativity

Every month, RAW features independent artist from different genres, across 50 cities in the US.

When an artist is selected, he will be presented, along with other local artists specializing in art, photography, film, fashion, and more.

And with all the artists coming along together to showcase their talent, RAW events provides a night of creativity in each city location.

What to expect from attending RAW

There are a lot of things to expect from attending RAW.

Here you will experience different artistry from emerging talents, including short videos, fashion shows, musical performances, art galleries, performance art as well as photo galleries.

Attendees will also experience a taste of creativity with drinks and good company. But in order to be a part of this prestigious event, you have to purchase a ticket from their homepage.

RAW also has an annual awards show that features various artists from across the US. There will be winners and a lot of exciting prizes to be won, including studio time, store placement, distribution, gallery placement, and consultation with industry executives.