Pirate Vereker, raw artist


A raw artist is an individual who makes use of inspirations drawn from different avenues and incorporates them in film, fashion, art and/or music that act as their pieces of expression.

They refer to themselves as natural born artists… and indeed, they are.

One such individual is Pirate Vereker.

This man began painting in 2005. His shows incorporate a different kind of art of paintings. Vereker does graphic illustrative paintings. He has a very wild imagination as he makes use of monkeys and robots in his art pieces.

Upon looking at his work, one may question the sources of inspiration Pirate Vereker has. His works mostly use cartoon characters he loved as a child. Others feature comic book characters he had as favorites.

Tattoo art is another source of inspiration.

It is quite surprising to imagine how one could use these things in murals or art. Pirate Vereker has proved that it is possible.

Many people go about their daily lives doing the same monotonous tasks. They quickly lose interest or purpose for what they do. Sometimes they are driven by money, greed or ambition.

Pirate Vereker is driven by an inward desire to change people’s perception of things

He does his prints, paintings and murals to make the world a better place.

Paintings add color to the world. This is what he strives to do.

He also believes the world should be a friendlier place. The world can be a cruel and tough place for most people.

He hopes that they can find a sort of escape in his art.

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Vereker’s murals speak for themselves.

There are plenty of other painters out there but few who can replicate Vereker’s style.

Art is an expression of the one’s mind and soul. What they feel can be seen in their paintings.

Appreciating this form of expression is the beginning toward a better world. It also opens up an individual’s mind.

Trying to perceive the artist’s thoughts can lead to interesting discoveries.

Raw artists are a nationwide network of a group of men and women who use display their talent through makeup, art, film or photography.

They are steadily growing and Pirate Vereker is excited to be a part of it.